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Southern Crane Martial Arts Academy is a non-profit organisation teaching Chinese Kung Fu and other martial arts. Kung Fu has a history stretching over 800 years. Southern Crane has developed into a contemporary Martial arts system with Chinese and multi-cultural practice.

Southern Crane Martial Arts Academy has incorporated elements of grappling, aikido, kickboxing, karate and boxing techniques to develop and become established as one of the finest Kung Fu systems there is today. Our aim is to uphold traditional concepts and maintain an acknowledgement and respect towards our Martial Arts ancestry and culture. Since traditional forms play an ever diminishing role in our system, our instructors are committed to learning new skills to strengthen our concept of a reality based martial arts system.

We aim to give the people in the community a chance to appreciate and understand the teaching and philosophy behind Southern Crane. Offering disciplined instruction, enhancement of health, physical fitness, mental alertness, agility, co - ordination, confidence, fighting skills, fist and weapon forms and an appreciation of Eastern culture and philosophy. We achieve this through traditional Kung Fu classes, women’s self defence seminars, lion dancing classes and performances.

Unity within the school has always been a strength and quality, which exemplifies the pride in our Kung Fu style. We have established branches in Port Stephens and Wollongong, whilst we have enjoyed wonderful experiences promoting our Kung Fu style world wide.

The Southern Crane Martial Arts Academy Inc., Lion dance team excells at performing the Chinese Lion Dance and Martial Arts demonstrations for local restaurants, predominately during festivals such as the August Moon Cake Festival and Chinese New Year.

We also regularly perform demonstrations at many different events in the community, including charitable ones such as school fetes, school sport and community care programs, Cultural exchanges with the Vietnamese and Filipino communities and community festivals and other special celebrations including Buddha's birthday. Our involvement and support in community events has made Southern Crane Martial Arts Academy Inc. a respected organisation within the community.

In recent times Southern Crane Martial Arts Academy Inc. has grown developing our community profile. This has allowed us to work in association with other community groups in cultural exchanges. We have celebrated Chinese New Year with the Vietnamese community of Wollongong and have collectively performed with the Filipino community of Wollongong in a cultural exchange as part of the Illawarra Ethnic Communities Council initiative.

We have also initiated a joint project with the Lake South PCYC and the Links to Learning Program. On a yearly basis a presentation is given to a group of students selected from four high school who are considered to be “Youth at Risk” to take part in a Martial Arts workshop as part of the Link to Learning program. These students are from various social economic and cultural backgrounds; have anger management and behavioral issues, and have difficulty in particular socially and academically when attending mainstream school. Initially the workshop is to run until the end of the year, with potential long-term arrangements for the future. Although recently we have seen a group of graduates, excel to go on and pursue their interest in the Eastern Culture to perform the Chinese Lion Dance at a variety of major youth forums and functions.